About My Guitar Lessons in Houston, TX

When you call me to arrange lessons, we will find a time that fits both of our schedules. Lessons are given once-a-week at the same time each week. These are private, one-on-one guitar lessons. It is the best way to learn. Most students take 30-minute lessons. Hour lessons are also possible.

Guitar Lesson Times

Generally I teach weekdays in the afternoon through the late evening, and on Saturdays from morning until the early evening. Other times may be available. Please call (832) 230-7915 or email to inquire about currently available times.

Check with me to find out what days I teach guitar lessons in Katy, Texas / Richmond, Texas/ Sugarland Texas, and when I teach lessons in Houston, TX

Guitar Lesson Rates

Prices are the same whether you want guitar lessons in Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land or Houston.

Lessons are paid monthly. Some months will have 4 lessons, others will have 5. Months with 4 lessons are $110; months with 5 lessons are $135. I accept cash, check or Zelle (direct payments through most major banks).

Payment is always due at the first lesson of each month for all of the lessons in that month.

Guitar Lesson Policies

An occasional lesson may be rescheduled as long (as you don't try and take advantage of this policy) with proper notice. You must let me know by noon the day before your scheduled lesson if you will not be coming. That gives me adequate time to rebook your spot and you won't lose that lesson. Make-up lessons will be done with-in times I have available. No credit will be given for a student missing lessons or carried into the following month unless I miss the lesson.

If you are sick, call and let me know as soon as you can. You won't lose your lesson if you are sick. I find one sick day every 3 months reasonable.

If you fail to show up for your lesson without calling, you lose that lesson.

If you plan to miss more than one lesson please tell me well in advance so we can make arrangements.

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